Toilet Partitions Material Selection
& Application Guide

Choosing the right toilet partition material for your application is crucial to the success and longevity of your restroom project. While budget is always a major factor, choosing a material on price alone may not best suit your needs. That’s why we’ve built this quick guide to better equip you with the tools you need for a successful project.

Quick Considerations

  • Budget
  • Type of Building
  • Vandalism Concerns
  • Moisture in Restrooms
  • Green/Sustainable Attributes
  • Color Options
  • Mounting Options
  • Fire Ratings
  • Lead Times



Steel - Baked Enamel or Powder Coated

Baked Enamel or Powder Coated bathroom partitions are the most economical material available. This material is available in a wide variety of colors and mounting styles including floor mounted overhead-braced, floor braced, ceiling hung, and floor to ceiling hung. We offer 48 Hour Shipping on Bradley Mills Baked Enamel Toilet Partitions in many popular colors.


All of Bradley’s panels and pilasters are constructed out of 25% Recycled, 22 gauge galvannealed Steel. The surfaces are cleaned and primed at the factory before being finished with a Greenguard certified, low VOC enamel finish. Finally the products are oven baked to provide for a beautiful finish. Bradley’s Permaseal design on the panel and pilaster corners, provide a patented protection from moisture entering the inside of the material.


Baked enamel partitions are great for budget conscious customers with low moisture restrooms. This material provides for moderate protection from vandalism, so in most cases it’s not the best choice for applications with a potential for vandalism. Office buildings, restaurants, and retail stores are a few examples of customer types who commonly install baked enamel steel restroom dividers in their facilities.

Plastic Laminate

 Plastic Laminate Toilet Partitions, or P-LAM as it’s commonly known in the industry, provide for an economical choice with virtually an unlimited option of colors. Laminate surfaces have been used in homes and business for many years. Most are familiar with them as a counter top or furniture finish, however Plastic Laminate also makes for a versatile restroom divider material. Like the Baked Enamel Steel materials, P-LAM is also available in the following mounting styles; floor mounted overhead-braced, floor braced, ceiling hung, and floor to ceiling hung. We offer 48 Hour Shipping on Bradley Mills Plastic Laminate Toilet Partitions in 10 popular colors ranging from black to white to gray.


Bradley Mills Plastic Laminate products are constructed out of 22% recycled content. The factory applies a high pressure, decorative plastic laminate to a industrial strength particle board core. The adhesives used in manufacturing process are free of added Urea-Formaldehyde Resins and are low VOC. All panels, pilasters and privacy screens are Greenguard certified.


Plastic Laminate is another great material for budget conscious customers. While the material is corrosion resistant, it is not moisture resistant and is not recommended for pools, health clubs, or any other high moisture environments. Facilities with graffiti and vandalism problems should not choose this material as it can be scratched, carved, and etched into. Plastic Laminate is the perfect choice for an office building, doctors office, or restaurant that desires a custom but affordable look.

Solid HDPE Plastic

Solid HDPE Plastic restroom dividers offer one of the best solutions for high traffic and moist environments. Solid Plastic Bathroom Partitions are impervious to moisture; meaning that they won’t absorb odors, delaminate, rust, or mildew.


We’re proud to offer 48 Hour Shipping on Bradley’s Bradmar toilet partitions in the most popular colors to complement your restroom. Due to their heavy weight, solid plastic partitions are only available in floor mounted overhead-braced and floor to ceiling hung mounting styles.


Bradley’s HDPE plastic restroom partitions also feature many great sustainable and green benefits as well. The standard plastic material is constructed out of 30% pre-consumer recycled HDPE. You can also get premium plastic material constructed out of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. All Bradley plastic partitions meet Greenguard certification as a low emitting material. Pricing on plastic bathroom stalls is considerably higher than powder coated/baked enamel steel and plastic laminate. However, in high moisture of vandal prone areas plastic offers years of costs savings due to their strength, resistance to moisture, and low maintenance design. They are best suited for health clubs, recreation centers, pools, stadiums, schools, and other high traffic restrooms.


Phenolic Toilet Partitions, also known as Solid Phenolic, is a versatile material that can be installed in a wide variety of applications. This material is one of the most durable and vandal resistant materials available. Phenolic Partitions are perfect for high traffic and moist environments. This material can also be used for shower stalls, as it resists water, oils, and bacteria.


We now offer the industry’s fastest shipping on Phenolic Bathroom Stalls, Doors, Panels, and Mounting Hardware. Get your next job shipped in only 48 hours on the top 5 most popular colors in the Floor Mounted Overhead Braced Style. Custom jobs can also be manufactured in Floor Braced, Ceiling Hung, and Floor to Ceiling Hung.


Phenolic toilet partitions are also a great choice for green any restroom design. As one of the most durable materials on the market, Phenolic bathroom products will hold up for years in the harshest of environments. Bradley’s Phenolic restroom partitions are constructed out of 20% recycled content, are free of urea-formaldehyde resins, and meet Greenguard certification as a low emitting material.


Costs on phenolic partitions are comparable to solid plastic partitions, but are typically cheaper than most stainless steel products. However, cost savings will be realized over the life of this product, as they contribute to lower maintenance costs due to their unmatched durability. Phenolic is the perfect material choice for recreation centers, aquatic centers, airports, office buildings, and most high end applications.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Bathroom Stalls have been one of the most popular materials over the past few decades. Their high-end look and durability still remain the top choice for many building owners, property managers, architects, and contractors. Stainless Steel bathroom partitions offer another great option for high traffic and vandalism prone restrooms.


Need Stainless Steel restroom partitions, doors, panels, and mounting hardware in a hurry? We offer unbeatable 48 hour shipping on Bradley’s Brushed stainless steel and 5WL Textured stainless steel products. Fast ship partitions are available in the Floor Mounted Overhead Braced mounting style. However, custom jobs can also be fabricated in Floor Braced, Floor To Ceiling, and Ceiling Hung mounting styles.


While the price point on stainless steel partitions is the highest, they do offer a great return on investment due to their durability and low maintenance design. Typical applications for stainless steel restroom stalls are office buildings, restaurants, airports, rest areas, and other high traffic restrooms. However, we do not recommend stainless steel for shower stalls or excessively moist environments.